Friday, July 27, 2012

Peter: 1

Peter, you are one! How can 365 days have passed so quickly? Weren't we meeting you for the first time a few moments ago?

We all love teaching you new things. You can do a few signs - more, milk, dog. You point to everything, wanting to know what it is. You say "dog" with some regularity and I'm waiting to hear "Mama" in your little boy voice. You are days away from taking your first steps. It's going to get really crazy in our house when you can run with your sisters! And those sisters, by the way, take such good care of you. The "new" never wore off - you are still just as special to them today as you were a year ago. I'm thankful.

We're seeing more and more of your unique personality. Every day holds something new for you and we learn more about you. I love that. There are some things we've known about you from your first weeks of life and these things are still part of your makeup today. Like how your lovey (woobie) has to be smooshed into your face for you to fall asleep. Or how you love being close to someone, touching them or cuddling with them. Or how attached you are to your Mommy. (Had to throw that one in there. :-) ) You are sweet, happy, fun, loving. You are beautiful. I'm a lucky, lucky Mommy. I'm very happy that you're my baby boy.

We love you so much, Peter! Happy first birthday!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beach week 2012

We had so much fun at the beach this year! Our week started out a little iffy because of tropical storm Debby. Luckily, she turned in a different direction. We had one nasty, rainy day and one cloudy day. The rest of the week was sunny and beautiful.

We spent as much time on the beach as possible. Bryn and I had a shopping day and the guys had a fishing day. We were all sad to leave and I'm counting down the days until my toes hit the sand again!

Peter's first wave

Peter needed a little nap on the beach.

Peter loved the beach. He crawled around in the sand and splashed in the surf. He ate a lot of sand.
Our last day at the beach Caroline got stung by a jellyfish. It was pretty traumatic at the time, which is why I was glad she made this light-hearted drawing of the jellyfish when we got home. She talks about it now with a little pride in her voice. I'm hopeful that one bad experience hasn't ruined swimming in the ocean for her.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

June 2012

I've let so much time elapse between posts that I honestly don't know if I need to go backward or move forward? I think this quote from an excellent recent read is somewhat applicable:
"Life, too, is like that. You live it forward, but understand it backward." -Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
Thanks, Laura! I've already started your next recommendation! :-)

Looking back at the month of June...

A certain little boy keeps growing.

Caroline had a Senior K class program and graduation, shared moments with sweet friends, and had an awesome 2 weeks of swimming lessons.

The girls had a blast at gymnastics camp (especially Helen).

That's a lot of fun to pack in to one month. And it doesn't even include our week at the beach. It's hard to believe summer is half over. I'm certainly going to do my best to ensure we enjoy every last, hot minute of it!