Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 months

Teeth: two on bottom and one on top

Walking: almost

Baby signs you can do: dog, more, hello/bye, hug, yay (clapping)

Words you can say: Mama, more, bye-bye (only said it once, but I'm still counting it), hug

Favorite book: Neighborhood Animals by Baby Einstein (this was your sister's favorite, too)

Favorite snack: Cheerios

Favorite games: Jumping on the bed with Caroline, playing boo

Favorite rhyme: Pat-a-cake

Favorite song: Good Morning, Merry Sunshine

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow #5 (or is it 6? I've lost count.)

More snow. It fell all day long. And the snow from last week's winter storm was still on the ground. We certainly weren't expecting a winter this exciting! Caroline's school Valentine's Day party keeps getting pushed back until the next day. Kevin says it will be March before they can celebrate!

Gotta love a man who shovels snow in a shirt and tie! Or who just shovels the snow.


They've been doing a little bit of social studies in preschool - talking about presidents and the White House. Kevin was giving Caroline a pop quiz one evening.
Daddy: Who was our first president, Caroline?

Caroline: George Washington!

Daddy: Good. Where does the president live?

Caroline: The White House!

Daddy: Alright! Now, who is our president right now?

Caroline: Um....?

Daddy: Barack...

Caroline: -TOBER!

And this little conversation happened in the car on the way home from dinner out one night.
Caroline: Are we going home now? I don't want to go home. I want to go somewhere fun.

Mommy: Where do you want to go?

Caroline: Um... How about IKEA!
That's my girl!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day!

Craft time: Valentines for classmates, family, and friends

I added an embroidery floss tail and wrote "Have a MICE day!" on the back. Then Caroline signed them herself.

Sweet treats: sugar cookies with glaze, decorated with markers

Favorite: roses

Silliness: a "pacy" found in her safe-to-play-in kitchen cabinet

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowed in

We've been snowed in for a couple of days.

But it hasn't been that bad.

I feel guilty saying "snowed in" when we have friends on the east coast that are really snowed in. This is nothin'.

We've wintered a lot this year and have made the most of it.

The girls and I were excited to finally get out of the house this afternoon.

But, come on, SPRING!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two talented little girls

I caught Helen doing two of her latest tricks today on video. She spots the dog and does the baby sign. Then I convince her to wave at Tigger. Her wave makes me laugh every time: she uses her wrist and rotates her whole hand. Adorable.

And now for our sweet Caroline. I've always heard that children's minds are like sponges. Now I know it's true. We started having her repeat small phrases of the Lord's Prayer about a month ago. Within a couple of weeks, she was saying it all by herself! She amazes me. Kevin and I get so cracked up at her inflection and tone. 4-H speech competition winner perhaps?

Hans Brinker

Sometime in January, we took Caroline ice skating at Fountain Square in downtown Cincy. We all had a good time. She fell a lot and I thought she might get discouraged. But she hopped right back up every time and kept going.

It is really hard to keep yourself balanced and help a small one stay upright, too!

Shucks... Kevin just missed getting photographic evidence of my triple toe loop.

Please tell me you've seen the movie Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates? It's a classic. It was one of my very favorite wintertime too-sick-to-go-to-school flicks.