Thursday, February 25, 2010

11 months

Teeth: two on bottom and one on top

Walking: almost

Baby signs you can do: dog, more, hello/bye, hug, yay (clapping)

Words you can say: Mama, more, bye-bye (only said it once, but I'm still counting it), hug

Favorite book: Neighborhood Animals by Baby Einstein (this was your sister's favorite, too)

Favorite snack: Cheerios

Favorite games: Jumping on the bed with Caroline, playing boo

Favorite rhyme: Pat-a-cake

Favorite song: Good Morning, Merry Sunshine

1 comment:

grammy and grandy said...

I can hardly believe how much she has grown.... cannot wait to get a hug from her (and Caroline!) myself! You have really spent a lot of time with her, for her to be able to say and do so much! Good job, Mom!