Monday, February 15, 2010


They've been doing a little bit of social studies in preschool - talking about presidents and the White House. Kevin was giving Caroline a pop quiz one evening.
Daddy: Who was our first president, Caroline?

Caroline: George Washington!

Daddy: Good. Where does the president live?

Caroline: The White House!

Daddy: Alright! Now, who is our president right now?

Caroline: Um....?

Daddy: Barack...

Caroline: -TOBER!

And this little conversation happened in the car on the way home from dinner out one night.
Caroline: Are we going home now? I don't want to go home. I want to go somewhere fun.

Mommy: Where do you want to go?

Caroline: Um... How about IKEA!
That's my girl!


Michelle said...

HAHA! We're laughing out loud at BarackTOBER. And Caroline's got good taste -- Ikea is pretty fun I imagine.

Ireland Family said...

ha! i love this picture! it cracked me up!

lexie johnston said...

um how did i miss that there is an ikea near you? so so so jeal right now!
and i died at baracktober!