Sunday, February 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day!

Craft time: Valentines for classmates, family, and friends

I added an embroidery floss tail and wrote "Have a MICE day!" on the back. Then Caroline signed them herself.

Sweet treats: sugar cookies with glaze, decorated with markers

Favorite: roses

Silliness: a "pacy" found in her safe-to-play-in kitchen cabinet


Nell said...

You are my favorite crafter! I'm taking notes...Are those special markers? How fun to let her decorate like that!

Ireland Family said...

helen is so adorable! - caroline is too of course but we have always know that! :) glad you guys had a great valentine's! lillie loved her valentine! thanks for thinking of her!

lexie johnston said...

i saw those markers/cookies on the today show! you are an uber cool mom!! those are amazing!