Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Two talented little girls

I caught Helen doing two of her latest tricks today on video. She spots the dog and does the baby sign. Then I convince her to wave at Tigger. Her wave makes me laugh every time: she uses her wrist and rotates her whole hand. Adorable.

And now for our sweet Caroline. I've always heard that children's minds are like sponges. Now I know it's true. We started having her repeat small phrases of the Lord's Prayer about a month ago. Within a couple of weeks, she was saying it all by herself! She amazes me. Kevin and I get so cracked up at her inflection and tone. 4-H speech competition winner perhaps?


grammy and grandy said...

These HAVE to be the two smartest little girls in the world !!! They ARE adorable!

lexie johnston said...

cutie pies!!!!

Elaine Clowers said...

Cutest thing I've ever seen!!! well except for Caleb, of course :)