Friday, December 15, 2006

Learning to eat

I know, I know... There have been no new postings in a while! It's certainly not for lack of a willing subject! We've just been busy... So here's a big post - a new photo, a video, and an old photo.

At my baby shower, Mom and Erin gave "baby" these cool self-feeding tools. They have big textured handles, which are easy for little grasping hands to use. The feeding part is ribbed. Kevin loaded it and helped her get it into her mouth about twice before she got the hang of it by herself.

So cute...

All of that amazing activity made me think about how much she's grown. I remember the first time we put her in her high chair. It swallowed her up! Look at how little she was:

Hard to believe that was just 5 months ago...

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