Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Evergreen State

Kevin recently decided that he wants to pursue a career in pediatric radiology. He'll do a one-year fellowship in 2009 and it's already time to start interviewing for it. His first interview was at the children's hospital in Seattle, WA.

My parents graciously kept Caroline for us. Caroline and I missed each other quite a bit. We were so glad to be together again.

Seattle is one of the prettiest places we've ever visited. The trees had all changed for fall and the colors were spectacular. The evergreens are beautiful, too. It is so lush there - ferns and moss and beautiful vegetation everywhere. I imagine that you don't have to try very hard to be a good gardener there.

We went up to the top of the Space Needle. We visited Pike Place Market, where we bought fresh salmon and halibut that was packed for us to bring home with us. We drove over to Snoqualmie Falls and after hiking down to the river had lunch at the lodge there. We took a harbor cruise. We ate a wonderful meal at Ray's Boathouse. We couldn't see out over the water because it was after dark, but I don't think we'll ever forget the glass of Washington wine that accompanied our diner!

The most beautiful thing about the city is Mt. Rainier. You drive around a corner on the interstate and all of a sudden, there it is. Fantastic. The pictures do not do it justice. It is absolutely stunning. Apparently, it's rare this time of year to see the volcano. It is usually hidden by clouds in the winter. We were lucky: on our last day in Seattle, the view of the mountain was clear.

Most importantly, Kevin had a great interview at the hospital. He has 4 more interviews coming up. I am so proud of him and the career choice he has made. I know he'll do great on his upcoming interviews.

It really was a fun trip and there were so many things we wanted to do but didn't have time. Maybe we'll be back someday...


Mama Liscious said...

Wow, Seattle! So far away! Which reminds me...why haven't we all gotten together yet? I think it's partially because my house is still a post-move mess and we intended to have you guys over! Email me with your home phone # and I'll call you to set something up soon.

The Barnett's said...

Jason has been a couple of times and just loves it! Good luck with the interviews!