Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dancing with Daddy

That nasty virus is on its way out and everyone is perky again!

Daddy is starting to show Caroline all of his great dancing moves. (You do know that Kevin and I are pretty decent ballroom dancers, don't you?)
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Michelle said...

Glad to hear everyone's feeling better! I'll be looking for you guys on Dancing with the Stars . . .

Lisa & Madeline said...

Hi- I wanted to leave a note and say that I enjoy looking at your blog. I am a friend of Lori's (Cohen's mommy) and used to live in Memphis, TN. (Cordova)- lived there for 6 years. Had my daughter at Germantown Methodist & used to manage the Williams Sonoma in Saddlecreek. Anyhow, you have a beautiful daughter. Girls are so much fun!! I have enjoyed checking your blog every now and then just to see if I could see any familiar spots in good ole' Memphis.- Lisa