Monday, May 12, 2008

The zoo again

This time we took Daddy with us! Thank goodness for our annual zoo membership!

Waiting for the sea lion show

Watching the sea lions

The polar bears were playing. It was so fun! They were chasing each other all over their habitat and then would jump in the water, making huge splashes.

Oh - and Caroline decided to give her pacies (pacifiers) to the baby giraffe at the zoo. We talked for days about how she's a big girl now and doesn't need them, that babies use pacies. And she agreed with all that. Kevin helped her write a very sweet letter to the baby animals at the zoo and then we delivered them in a little plastic baggie to the giraffes. Sleeping has been a little bit harder for her, but I'm confident that in a few more days all this will be behind us.
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The Barnett's said...

Way to go, Caroline! What a big girl for giving up her pacies.

The Davis Family said...

Yeah Caroline what a big and dad it does get easier. Owen has been paci free for over a month and doesn't even ask about them at all. He is also sleeping great.