Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The past couple of weeks

So we hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year and I took no pictures the day of. I did remember to get some photos of my floral arrangements the next day. I really enjoyed decorating and being hostess for a day. I told Kevin I may not be the greatest housekeeper, but I can set a nice table!

A couple of table decor tips:
  • Pick an easy "theme". Mine was lime green and brown. I love lime green and brown was the perfect fall contrasting color. Then I just looked for lime green and brown things - flowers, napkins, placemats, etc.
  • Use scrapbook paper for your placemats. It's cheap, easy, customizable, and disposable. Think of all the options for birthdays and other holidays...
  • Fresh citrus can freshen up and fill in any floral arrangement. I used little key limes cut in half. Lemons and oranges work well, too. You can either leave the fruit whole or cut it in half. Get some wooden picks from Michael's or Hobby Lobby. (Some picks also have wires on them so you can wire the fruit into your holiday wreath.) Jab the pointed end into your fruit and the other end into your arrangement or wreath. It will look pretty for about a week.
Just call me Martha!

Since Thanksgiving, we've been decorating (slowly) and gearing up for Christmas! We've got several fun things lined up. I just have to remember to take lots of pictures!


Michelle said...

Great tips - I've never been very good at decorating tables, especially arrangements. Yours are beautiful. I can only imagine how delicious the accompanying menu must've been . . .

grammy and grandy said...

Caroline you are a great helper! I know those sugar cookies are delicious! (Save me one at Christmas time). Your tree is so pretty, and you make a beautiful "present" on the tree skirt! Emilee, you were a wonderful host on Thanksgiving and the decorations were wonderful! Martha Stewart has nothing on you!