Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Peanut

Our Helen is such a petite little girl. We really can't believe how tiny she is. Caroline was showing Helen her new dolly and I swear the doll's head was almost as big as Helen's. We finally found socks that are small enough, but they won't stay on!

Things are going really well for the four of us. Caroline is a great big sister - loves to pat Helen's back or give her a sweet kiss. We are just enjoying these early days with lots of snuggles and a few quiet moments. It's so fun getting acquainted with this new little addition to our family.

She loves sleeping with her knees scrunched up.

I love a swaddled babe.

Helen had a little bath.

This was in the hospital right before we got to pack up and go home. I made her little "coming home" gown. I'm really glad I made the preemie size - the small size would have swallowed her whole!
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grammy and grandy said...

Emilee, as usual, your talents amaze us! The "Coming Home" Gown is gorgeous! IF and when you ever have the time, you NEED to have your own shop! People would pay a fortune for work like you do!

Kristen said...

she is such a cutie! can't wait to visit with you guys today! :)