Thursday, June 25, 2009

3 months old

Our littlest one is 3 months old! Time went quickly with Caroline, but it's going by even more quickly with this second child.

She is a delight and we are so proud to take her everywhere with us. She smiles and talks and coos and giggles for Mommy and Daddy - but especially for big sister Caroline. She loves Caroline. I know they will have their differences as they grow up, but I pray their bond will always be a close one and that they will always be friends. Watching Helen love her big sister has given me a completely new understanding and appreciation for my little sister.

Kevin jokes that her favorite family member is the ceiling fan. If there's a fan in the room, she's entertained and happy.

She is busy, busy, busy. I had a dream on night that I put her down on the floor to play and she rolled over and crawled off! I think that's really how it will be. I'm not going to be able to keep up with this one! Helen wiggles all the time, even in her sleep. She won't stay swaddled anymore, but we still try because it makes her feel good. She loves me to help her stand on my lap. Then Caroline and I sing silly songs to her and help her dance and she thinks that is the greatest entertainment ever.

Helen can put herself to sleep most of the time and that's really great. But I know these days of total dependence on Mommy are flying fast. So I still snuggle and cuddle with her as much as she'll let me.

She's still a tiny little peanut. I haven't gotten on the scale with her lately, but I bet she's not much more than 10 pounds.

Our two girls bring us so much joy and happiness! I've said it before, but God is very, very good!

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grammy and grandy said...

How sweet the girls are! You and Kevin are wonderful parents, so those little sisters cannot be anything but wonderful themselves!