Sunday, October 25, 2009

St. Louis trip

We visited St. Louis this month and had a blast. Because Kevin took a little extra time off, we were able to make it a small vacation. We loved staying with Emily and getting to spend time with her. We took Caroline to the top of the Arch ("March," as Caroline says) and to the Children's Museum. We also met up with our good friends, the Halfords and the Wilsons. We all went to a "Life is Good" festival. And then we celebrated Elizabeth's 4th birthday a couple of weeks early. The girls decorated pumpkins with stickers and watched "Cinderella" together. Caroline was the only one without a baby doll to snuggle up with during the movie, so her pumpkin made a great substitute. It was a wonderful and busy weekend!

Here are a few pictures. To see the whole set of photos, visit my Picasa album.

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Ireland Family said...

love all the pictures. looks like you guys had tons of fun!