Friday, January 08, 2010


The tee-pee...

There's a children's store just down the road from our house. I've never been in, but we walk past it to get to the world's most awesome children's book store (Blue Manatee). In the front windows sit two adorable fabric tee-pees. And guess what? Every time we walk past the store front (which is quite frequently because we all love books), I tell Kevin that it would be so cool to have one. Could I make it?

And this is when my husband normally tells me that I have too many ideas, too many unfinished sewing projects, it's more trouble than it's worth, just buy it if you want it. But not this time. Kevin came home, did the complicated geometry/trigonometry, and calculated how much fabric I needed.

The fabric arrived and we were able to put the entire thing together in a couple of late-night sewing sessions. I wish I had pictures of the construction process. I think we both thought this was going to be a royal flop. It is anything but a flop! The girls LOVE it. And I am really very proud that we were able to build this!

(If you want some generic guidelines to build your own, let me know. It was really very easy.)

I do have to tell you that for weeks before Christmas, Caroline was asking Santa for a "ladybug tent" that she had seen in a catalog. She was very specific about wanting a ladybug tent. We decided that this would take the place of the ladybug tent. I worried that Christmas morning would arrive and Caroline would look around and say, "Where's my ladybug tent?" Much to my relief, when she saw it and played in it she declared, "This is BETTER than a ladybug tent!" Whew!


Katie and Matt said...

WHOA. this takes your craftiness to a whole new level. you amaze me.

caroline is such a doll and i adore her. and that helen- she melts my heart. those pictures from new years are darling. :)

Brittany said...

the tent is AMAZING!!! you are mucho talented!

lexie johnston said...

i cant believe you live down the street from blue manatee!!!!! i am a lover of children's bookstores and would love love love to open one myself one day (but not in memphis- not the market and not the ability to compete with DK!) but BM is one of the few famous ones i have NOT been too! im v.v.j!