Thursday, April 15, 2010

Easter dresses

I went all-out for the girls' Easter dresses this year - satin batiste, smocking, lace, ribbon, pearl beads. These are some fancy dresses!  I got my inspiration from a picture in a magazine.  Would you believe that the Monday before Easter these dresses were in 8 separate pieces each?  Yikes.  I kicked it into high gear.  I wound up hemming Caroline's dress Saturday night, but thankfully the girls didn't have to go to church dress-less.  :-)

I love my girls in blue!

Helen is such a character.  This picture makes me giggle every time I see it.

I even smocked and embellished the backs.  See what I mean by "all-out"?

So here's the deal: I told Kevin that next year when I start talkin' crazy about birthday dresses AND Easter dresses, he needs to slap me. Birthday dresses and Easter dresses will be one and the same in Spring 2011. Help me remember that, will you?


Confessions said...

oh my goodness. i can hardly stand it. and you know what else i can hardly stand? that y'all are coming back SOON! YES!!

beautiful dresses, even more beautiful girls. :)

Pat said...

I have just found your web site. What beautiful work you do, and what a fresh writing style. I do not have grandchildren yet, but hopefully, soon I will. Would you be willing to share what dress pattern and smocking design you used? Thanks for sharing your photos, and writing about your family. So precious.