Friday, February 10, 2012

Funny valentine

Helen is such a funny kid. Sometimes I get the giggles over her antics or silly faces. Then she usually gets giggly too, which leads to a huge giggle fit for the both of us. She is constantly entertaining us - saying funny things, making up silly songs, telling crazy stories. Helen is one fun girl.

She wants to know if birds need towels after they take baths in puddles. Her bedtime prayers are filled with thanksgiving for God, Jesus, Meh-wee (Mary), fami-wee, and doughnuts. Mommy's car is in danger of being caught by a giant crocodile. We throw snowballs at him to chase him off.

Helen made a Valentine for us at school. Other parents probably got "Mommy and Daddy" or "Sister" written on theirs. We got "Cinderella." The look completes it. I laughed and laughed.

There is nothing predictable about Helen. It's frustrating at times. But I'm learning to embrace her quirkiness and give her sweet little spirit room to shine.
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Brittany said...

Love that sweet Helen! Just so precious! Love the Cinderella valentine.

Michelle said...

A friend and I had a conversation last night about our second kids. They are just as you describe Helen. They're so very charismatic!

Her expression is cracking me up!

Laura Sessions said...

Oh my goodness! That valentine is priceless. What a fun girl!

grammy and grandy said...

you are both making beautiful memories! She is such a delightful child!

The Wilhite Family said...

What a sweet post.