Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Caroline decided she wanted to give soccer a try this spring. We were impressed with how well she did. She was assertive and fast and intuitive. The biggest surprise? Her favorite position and the one where she performed the best was goalie. My quiet, introverted, book-loving homebody had such a great time playing that she wants to play again in the fall.

Kevin got to be the substitute coach for one game.


She got a trophy at the end of the season. She is so proud of her "golden" trophy. And we are really proud of her!
(Helen is cracking me up in this picture. She's plotting how she's going to get her hands on that shiny trophy. She did.)

It excites me to be a part of the process in which my children are discovering what their unique talents and abilities are. Of course, I'm not-so-secretly wanting for all three (too much?) to be musicians. Regardless, I hope and pray they embrace their talents, never take them for granted, and always use them to God's glory.

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Laura Sessions said...

What a cute goalie!