Sunday, September 09, 2012

School days

Does it take y'all a while to get back into school mode? I enjoy the laid-back days of summer, but it is so good for everyone to have a routine. It just takes me a while to get used to the routine!

Caroline started first grade. She's in the lower school now. While it's still a nurturing and caring environment, I can definitely tell that this year is a little more focused on getting down to business. She's loving every minute of it.

Caroline's first day was a day before Helen's.

The night after Caroline's first day, we celebrated with a special back-to-school menu. We had "I'm-a-turkey-too Turkey Meatloaf," "Good Grade Green Beans," "First Grade Fruit Salad," and "Pre-K Parfaits." I've done this a couple of years now and it is always humbling to see how a regular meal with silly titles makes the girls so giddy and happy. 

Helen started Pre-K this year. She is tickled to get to do all the things she's seen Caroline do for the last two years - carry a blue bag, walk into school, carpool on the porch, etc. She loves going to school. We're already amazed at the things she is learning.

The girls got hugs from Dr. Wilson on their first full day of school.

Helen knew exactly where to go. My not-so-little-anymore girl...

 She is having a great first year of school!


Michelle said...

Precious! I know it warms your heart that they love it and are learning so much. They are certainly at a GREAT school and have fantastic parents who value education!

Laura Sessions said...

LOVE your back-to-school dinner! And, I love Helen's braids...too cute!