Sunday, January 06, 2013

Recent sewing

In an unprecedented occurrence, the kids' Christmas outfits were completed before Thanksgiving. This will probably never happen again. My only stipulation in picking out the patterns and fabric was "must be easy". I chose a lime green corduroy embroidered with reindeer. Caroline got a very big-girl skirt (can't wait to make some of these for spring/summer). Helen got a jumper. And Peter got a Johnny. I was really enthusiastic about these projects because they were each unique. I'm fairly certain the girls will be able to wear theirs again next Christmas. Peter, however, will not and that makes me a little sad.

In non-Christmas sewing, I finished 3 easy daygowns for my dear friend Nell, who recently delivered her first babies - triplets! She is awesome. The girls are identical twins and I thought two unique gowns would make telling them apart a little bit easier. I did some shadow embroidery (my favorite part!) to coordinate with the trim. This is my favorite style of infant daygown - poly-cotton blend for no ironing, buttons in the front for easy on and off, no fussy collar or itchy trim. I hope Mom, Dad, Camille, Ann Fisher, and Rob love them, too.



The Wilhite Family said...

Wow. So pretty. And I totally agree with the gown style. I kept Walker in dresses - I mean gowns - as long as possible...they are so much easier than trying to get a wobbly head through a neck hole and snapping buttons between kicking legs!!

Laura Sessions said...


Nell said...

Love the Christmas reindeer outfits. I absolutely cannot wait to get my 3 into their gowns! I LOVE them!! Such dear treasures from a very dear friend.