Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's a napkin - no, it's a dress!

I got a special treat this weekend. My dear sweet awesome husband watched Caroline almost all day on Saturday and let me play with 2 very good friends. We did yoga in the morning, had lunch together, then went shopping at the Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma Outlets. I could spend all day in those stores! I was drooling over over the delicious selection of napkins that Williams-Sonoma had on sale and wondering what I could make out of them. So after talking strategy with my friends, I decided I would try to make a dress for Caroline. A quick Google search yielded a tutorial and I whipped this out in about an hour.

It's pretty much a mumu, but we live in Midtown and people probably expect to see both of us in mumus at the grocery store. It was fun (and easy) to make and will be a cute little summer play dress for Caroline. And, hey, after she finishes her chicken nuggets, we can just wipe her off with her dress!
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The Barnett's said...

That is such a cute dress! I'm so impressed with your sewing skills!

Emily said...

Ok Mrs. Crafty Craft-a-lot! I love it! YOu're so creative! Although I do think you could make her a dress out of a trash bag and it would be cute on her. she's and easy canvas!

Grandy and Grammy said...

Emilee, you are so talented! Caroline will be the best dressed little girl in Memphis.... certainly the luckiest, to have a mother(And Daddy!) like you have!
Love you all!

Allie Caroline said...

So funny!!!! I LOVE the dress!

The Wheelers said...

She is absolutely adorable in her new dress. I am thinking you should go into business with the dresses!

Michelle said...

Great idea, crafty momma!

I'm so glad you found our blog - I like this MUCH better than MySpace. You and Rachel have inspired me to start blogging - it's a great way to keep the family in touch.

I can't wait to read all about beautiful Caroline!