Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I love summer, especially lingering in the backyard on a summer evening with a cold beer. (Why does my beer never last as long as the evening?) And the backyard is starting to shape up this year! Not quite Eden, but getting there!

A little garden help

Shasta daisies

Kevin was so excited when he found this bush - elderberry. You know - Monty Python's Holy Grail? I couldn't resist his boyish delight. And its berries attract song birds, so that was a bonus.

Lilac - I've heard of both successes and failures with this bush. I hope we fall into the former category!

Sometimes I let my imagination get away from me. This is my lemon tree. Wouldn't it be nice to pick a lemon fresh from the tree and squeeze it into a cold glass of iced tea (sweet, of course)? I may not be picking any lemons until 2030.

I also dream of tasting fresh lettuce... This one might actually happen this year!

We love, love, love our little helper!!!

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Mama Liscious said...

I had to just laugh out loud at the elderberry story! They never grow up. ;) And you certainly do have a lovely little helper. Where does that white-blond hair come from? She is so adorable!

Michelle said...

Early summer in Memphis is just right for lounging, isn't it?

Lori & Robby said...

Robby's aunt has two lemon trees on her sun porch and it is fabulous! I am encouraging Spears to grow some on her sun porch since I can't keep any plant alive....