Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Richmond and vacation's end

This is the last post about our vacation and the end of the pictures... Hope it hasn't been too boring for you!

(Julie took these pictures - I am in awe of her photography skills!)

September 1, Day 8 - We all woke up to unbelievably nice weather in Richmond! We drove down to the James River and walked along some nature trails there. The river is beautiful and so accessible - people were sunbathing on rocks and swimming. It was really nice. We ate lunch at a local pizza place. The girls took naps while the guys vegged out on college football. When we woke up, we took Caroline to the park to slide and swing and run around a bit. Andy and Julie live in a great community. It has pools and parks and running trails and all kinds of amenities that I can only dream of here in midtown! The girls ran to the grocery store for dinner supplies. We had barbeque chicken while watching some football. Then we headed back out to the community center for a fireworks display. Wow! We certainly got 5-star treatment at the Melton's!

September 2, Day 9 (vacation's end) - We said goodbye to our friends this morning. It was only a little sad: they are coming to Memphis in a few weeks, so we'll see them soon. We got on the road back to DC. Kevin saw Caroline and me safely through security at the airport and then headed his way west in the truck. The plane was nearly empty and we had 3 seats to ourselves. Other than Caroline's displeasure at having to sit in Mommy's lap during take-off and landing, it was a good flight. My friend Ellen was waiting for us at the airport. It was good to get home and even better to take a nap while Caroline took hers. Now we wait for Kevin to come home tomorrow! The laundry marathon begins... It was a great vacation - one we'll always cherish.

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Lori & Robby said...

Looks like you had a wonderful vacation. And those pictures of Caroline at the park are just gorgeous!!