Thursday, October 18, 2007

Embroidered fall napkins

Happy fall! I made these napkins several years ago and I love pulling them out every fall.

You'll need:
  • cloth napkins
  • embroidery floss to coordinate with your napkins
  • needle
  • fall clip art (I use Microsoft office clip art) - stick with a simple design
  • blue water-soluble fabric pen
  • knowledge of basic embroidery technique - French knot and backstitch
The embroidery stitches are really very easy. Here are helpful links:
  1. Choose clip art and print out desired size.
  2. Cut out clip art.
  3. Use the fabric pen to trace your clip art onto the napkins. Add easy details (like the leaf veins). Don't be a perfectionist here.
  4. Thread needle. Embroidery floss consists of 6 strands. I usually use 3 for my French knots. If you like your knots bigger or smaller, increase or decrease your threads accordingly.
  5. Knot the end of your thread.
  6. Embroider your image using the stitches. I outlined my leaves with French knots and did the veins with a backstitch. You could use all backstitches or all knots. Anything goes!
  7. Wash your napkins in cold water to erase the blue pen markings.
There are so many possibilities for this little project. You could embroider napkins or a table runner with your monogram. I've done monograms on pillows, too. Be creative and good luck!
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(I promise to get some photos of Caroline on here soon!)

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LeeAnn said...

How cute are those! I don't think I know how to embroider though.