Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The playground and fall festival

The weather was wonderfully sunny on Saturday morning. So in celebration, we decided to take a bike ride. Caroline patiently waited in her carriage while we got everything ready - taking a bike ride is not the spontaneous event it used to be! We rode up to a school nearby and played on the playground there. It was great - we had the whole place to ourselves. Caroline had the best time on the slides. So did Daddy! Then we had lunch at Holiday Ham, where Caroline ate like a champ. All that sliding makes a girl hungry.

Saturday night was our church's Fall Festival. I didn't get many pictures - I was too busy chasing a running toddler. She and Elizabeth enjoyed the moonbounce for a total of 30 seconds, and I did get a picture of that. We had dinner with Elizabeth and her mommy and daddy. The girls haven't stopped talking about each other since. Then it was home for a fun scrub in the tub and a cartoon before bed. I doubt that toddler life gets any better than that.

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