Friday, September 12, 2008

Thank you and all the details

Thanks so much for all the warm congratulations and love for little G2, as we have affectionately nicknamed him or her. We are, of course, very excited! I'm 12 weeks along, with a due date set for the end of March. Mornings are great, but afternoons and evenings are tough - tiredness and nausea make it hard to get dinner on the table some nights. It's getting better, thankfully, and I realize that it could be much worse.

And the thing that sometimes helps my stomach discomfort? Super bubble. Weird, I know. I hate the stuff under normal circumstances and think it's disgusting. But for some reason, it settles my stomach.

No, we won't be finding out the gender of this little one. Caroline's gender was a complete surprise to us. Kevin swears he never peeked during ultrasounds and I have to believe him. We'll have to hold him to the honor code this time around, too, especially since he's more experienced now!

We have told Caroline. I love how sweet, gentle, and attentive she is with other babies. I know some of the newness of G2 will wear off after he/she arrives and there will be moments of jealousy or frustration. So any tips on easing the transition are greatly appreciated. Overall, I think she's going to love being a big sister. I told her one day that there was a baby in Mommy's tummy. She looked at me and then looked at my tummy, contemplating. She said, "No. Just food."

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