Monday, December 14, 2009

The dresses

It wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't have hand-made dresses for the girls! Caroline still fits into the dress I made 2 years ago. I was so happy when she tried it on and it still fit. Three Christmases in a row is an awesome run for one of my favorite dresses ever! Sweet Pea will be wearing it next year, I guess. I'm pleased that this dress has gotten and will continue to get a lot of wear.

For Helen's dress this year, I wanted something similar to Caroline's dress, but not an exact match. I bought the same fabric (satin batiste) and matched the lace from Caroline's dress. I used the same pleated daygown pattern that I used for Helen's Easter gown and embroidered 3 sets of holly berries with leaves. It's simple and looks so sweet on her.

My daughters are just beautiful - no matter what they are wearing!

Helen is saying, "Please rescue me! I'm all done here!"
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Brittany said...

Just beautiful! Beautiful dresses, beautiful girls!

The Barnett's said...

You are so talented!!

Michelle said...

Oh, Emilee! You are so talented and your girls are so precious! What special gifts.

Katie and Matt said...

I wish I could write with a southern accent- I'm saying gaaawgess (gorgeous). Love those sweet girls.

lexie johnston said...

all the time i saw your comments on nell's blog and i never realized you have your own lil blog. or maybe i did. but bottom line, im reading now! the dresses are amazing! my mom would be so so so proud!