Monday, December 14, 2009

Wee little tree

Last Christmas we had no idea what our living situation would be this year. We didn't know if we would be in an apartment or a home or if we would have tons of storage or busting at the seams. So we packed up 95% of our Christmas decorations, including our tree. (We do a prelit, artificial tree.)

Caroline said one morning, "Mommy, when are we going to put up our Christmas tree?"

I said, "Well, we put our tree and ornaments in the storage unit in Memphis."

"'s almost Christmas," said Caroline sadly. I was crushed.

Kevin heard about our daughter's lament and came home with a tiny tree. A $12 tree. It leans and has a huge bald spot. It's a Charlie Brown tree. I love it. And, in a way, it's perfect for this season in our lives. I would have never been able to keep Helen out of our big tree. This one fits on our window seat.

Caroline had the best time picking out a few ornaments and the colored lights. And there was plenty of room for her hand-made ornaments.

Caroline is thrilled to flip the switch that turns the lights on each night.
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Nell said...

Charlie Brown trees are the absolute best! It looks like Christmastime in the Garrett household is full of fun! Great pictures, and thanks for all the "Mom" activity ideas I will steal one day...

Katie and Matt said...

it's PERFECT. :)