Saturday, October 15, 2011

Helen: 2

You are two. You have a joie de vivre that is completely infectious. Your life philosophy is summed up in one word: fun. Your main goal in life is to have as much fun as possible. No matter what. It makes disciplining you a challenge sometimes. Happiness is your default emotion.

You are cute. You always have been. You know how cute you are and try to use it to your advantage. Your cuteness often goes right along with mischievousness. It's part of that life philosophy you have.

You are a very physical child. You are strong and brave and boisterous. If I need to get your attention, I usually have to touch you in some way.

You love to tell stories. Last week in the car you told me that I needed to be careful so we wouldn't fall in the giant hole with the monsters and baby crocodiles. No clue where you came up with that one.

Your hair is beautiful. I don't do anything to it and I dread the day we will need to get it trimmed. I don't think your curls will stick around after that.

You are smart, but you don't always like to let us know how smart you are. You don't perform "on demand", but rather wait until the mood and setting suits you. You can sing your ABCs and I'm fairly sure you can count to 20. You know all your colors. You like to sing and know all the words to several songs. Your current favorites include "You are My Sunshine" and "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". I get tickled because you say, "Pinkle, pinkle..." It makes me giggle every time.

If we tell you to ask for something nicely (milk, for instance), you say, "Nicely have more meelk, please?" It's adorable and I never want you to stop saying "nicely". Or "meelk".

You go to school (Mothers' Day Out) twice a week. I wrestled with the decision to send you two days a week. It's turned out to be a good decision. I think it makes you feel special. It's good for you to be around friends your age and I know you love it there. Now we're trying to make the decision to send you to preschool or leave you at MDO. You still seem too little to go to a big girls' school.

You love Caroline. You don't follow her around quite as much as you used to. I'm seeing you develop more of your own way to play without letting her lead all the time. You play so well together 99% of the time. You and Caroline share a room now. It's like a slumber party every night and you both couldn't be happier. I'm glad you have each other.

You became a big sister in July. You are so quick to help out with whatever Peter's needs are. You are excited to play with Peter. You are sometimes a little too bold when you play with him. I have enjoyed watching you grow into your big sister role. I know you can't wait until Peter is running around chasing you.
You are a true people person. You have never met a stranger. You have an empathy for others that is humbling. You love going to the grocery store with me and I love taking you. If it weren't for you, I would never have met all of the workers in the store. We know them all and love them because of your outgoing personality and lovely smile.

I am so thankful for you. You are so different from me and that makes our days together so interesting and fun. People often tell me, "Don't let your middle child get lost in the shuffle!" And I just smile. Because, sweet Helen, you will never be lost in the shuffle. You are my shuffle.
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