Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pregame downtown fun

We like the Grizzlies a little bit around here. We've had to plan our attendance as a family this year around Caroline's school schedule, which eliminated most week night games. We had tickets for a Saturday night game a couple of weekends ago and decided to head downtown early.

We took the kids on a carriage ride. The girls picked out the prettiest princess carriage they could find. They were absolutely thrilled with the entire ride. It was so fun watching their delight.

The girls even got to meet and thank Barney after our ride.

I'm not sure if this happens at every home game, but there were some fun slides and bouncy things set up on the plaza outside the Forum. We spent a couple of minutes letting the girls get some wiggles out.

A friend once told us that his kids got really excited about sporting events when they had a specific team player to cheer for. I think I've mentioned before that Caroline's favorite player is Marc Gasol. She's a super fan! Who wouldn't want this cutie in their cheering section?

The Grizz are headed to the playoffs and we couldn't be happier for our favorite team!


The Wilhite Family said...

Love the carriage ride pics!! So fun!

Nell said...

Cute cute cute! I know y'all are in mourning like I am this morning. I love that she has a Marc jersey. Did you see Joseph's picture with him?? I was very jealous. Y'all are definitely raising up some dedicated super fans! GO GRIZZ!