Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring inspiration

My friend Brittany is always finding cute inspiration on Pinterest. She does such a great job of doing some of the things she pins. I realized that we had done a few projects around here that I had pinned, so I thought I'd highlight them.

We made large Easter eggs.

I was certain that the girls would love this project. It was an invitation to make a huge gluey, sticky mess! Nope. They spent about 2 minutes participating. Kevin and I did most of the eggs. We had a great time.

For our Easter lunch dessert the girls helped me make some little bird nests. Yum!

Here's ours, displayed on one of my most cherished heirlooms, my great-grandmother's Limoges platter:

Helen had to bring a snack to school a couple of weeks ago. It was "R" week, so we made a yummy rainbow. I don't think I officially pinned this idea, but I know my friend Laura made this snack. It was so fun to make and everyone at school loved the idea.


Laura Sessions said...

Thanks for the shout out, Emilee!

Brittany said...

Love these! Way to go momma! Love the eggs and rainbow. Great job!