Friday, June 29, 2007


The great thing about getting older is that you don't lose all the other ages you've been. -Madeleine L'Engle, writer (1918- )

Happy birthday to me! Here are 29 things about me on my 29th, which happens to be on the 29th:

  1. I'm a summer girl.
  2. I'm a beach girl, too. I come by it naturally.

  3. One of my favorite books is Beach Music by Pat Conroy.
  4. Kevin and I both devour Stephen King novels. We've got quite a collection.
  5. I can't read said Stephen King novels while Kevin's on call - they freak me out!
  6. My all-time favorite book is Gone with the Wind.
  7. I have my great-grandmother Odette's 1946 edition of GWTW.
  8. I love the way Caroline's laundry smells. I often throw some of my laundry in with hers just so I can enjoy the smell.
  9. Sometimes I miss Caroline when she's sleeping.
  10. I'm a laid-back parent, which really surprised me.
  11. I take long hot baths.
  12. I'm in love with Cary Grant.
  13. I like to iron (I didn't say I did it often!). I really like to iron new fabric after I've washed it.
  14. I was born missing both of my lateral teeth. The teeth I have in their place are my canines, which have been rounded out to look like laterals.
  15. My grandfather was a dentist and always wanted a look at my teeth when we visited him.

  16. My sister and I called him Boompa, which is what Jimmy Stewart's character's grandchildren called him in his movie Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation. (That's my cousin Dallas, my Mimi Lee, me, and my Boompa.)
  17. His mother, Odette, was a French woman and I'm named after her. I've very proud of my middle name.
  18. Kevin sometimes calls me Odette.
  19. The dinner table at my house is affectionately referred to as "Chez Odette."
  20. I golf.
  21. I can't stay awake if golf is on the TV.
  22. I love crunchy foods.
  23. I like to crunch fall leaves underfoot.
  24. My favorite tree/flower is the magnolia.
  25. Spanish moss is some of the most beautiful stuff on earth.
  26. I like cold coffee.
  27. I think a glass of wine can fix darn near anything.
  28. I have my dream job.
  29. I'm not afraid of getting older. Life just keeps getting better!
  30. And one to grow on - I like even numbers.


Mom and Dad Garrett said...

Happy Birthday "Odette". We love to call you that as well! You were a beautiful baby girl and now you are a beautiful woman! We are so glad that you are happy with your life and hope you have many, many more joyful birthdays!

The Barnett's said...

Happy birthday to you! And can I just say that Caroline looks EXACTLY like you did at her age!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I'm a little late, just now checking my email (and favorite baby blogs) at work after the weekend. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!!! I hope you and Kevin were able to sneak in a date to celebrate!


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! You make me smile.