Monday, June 25, 2007

Tiny treasures

I made these little hair bows for Caroline. So cute and easy, too! My mom thinks she looks like Little Cindy Lou Who with the bow! She really does... (She's vegging out to Sesame Street with a snack here.)
I love the blue one the best. I haven't found anything that it matches yet.
And here's a tiny pin cushion. Also very fun and easy to make. Save your 2-liter bottle tops!
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On a side note...this is my 100th post! Thanks for keeping up and staying in touch with us!


Emily said...

So adorable! I'm in LOOOOVE!!!

The Barnett's said...

Those are so cute! You'll have to show me how since I will be in need of hair bows in a few months. :)

And Caroline really DOES look like Cindy Lou Who!

Mama Liscious said...

Wow...Cindy Lou Who in person! Those huge eyes seal the deal.

BTW, I have something to tell you, and I can't find your email anywhere! Email me at alyson (at) alysonenglish (dot)com when you get a chance...