Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A night out for Mom and Dad

Every June, the UT-Methodist Radiology Residency celebrates its senior residents with a fancy dinner at some exclusive location in Memphis. We wouldn't dare miss it!

Caroline fed, bathed, pajama-ed, and ready for the babysitter! I was impressed that I actually had everyone ready and waiting for the babysitter. Yea, me! When we were saying goodbye, Caroline started waving at the babysitter and saying, "Bye bye." She didn't understand we were saying bye to her! It made me kind of sad. I guess Mom and Dad need to go out more... The babysitter and she had a great time.

We clean up pretty good...
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The Barnett's said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time! It's always good to get out on your own every now and then.

Autumn said...

Hi guys! It has been forever since we've been in touch. I just was reminded of the blog address by Connie last night, and I feel all caught up now :) Caroline is absolutely beautiful. I love the videos. Emilee, your work out here is inspiring me to maybe start one up myself (you know, the lives of Autumn and Max...)