Monday, July 23, 2007

Another and another and another

Here's a trio of dresses I made for Caroline. I can't stop myself! It's just too much fun.

This is my new favorite pattern: "Frannie" from the Children's Corner (in case you're interested). It's so cute, versitile, and easy to make. I put these 2 together in one week, thanks to a sewing day at a local shop and a couple of long naps! I already have visions of this as a corduroy jumper for the fall.

Can't catch this girl...

Aren't those bows under the arms cute?

Another "Frannie"

I love this piping.

And lastly, here's a simple sun dress with shoulder ties.

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The Barnett's said...

Love them! You are so talented.

Allie Caroline said...

Caroline looks just like Erin to me in this picture!!

Mama Liscious said...

Wow! These look great. I can't wait till we get up there and I can dump all the cool fabrics I've collected on you and we can "trade hobbies"!