Sunday, July 15, 2007

We love downtown Memphis!

We had a very fun Saturday morning! We went downtown to the Memphis Farmer's Market. It was fantastic! Shame on me for not getting any pictures... I think it may become a regular Saturday morning activity for us. I can't wait to go back! We found food to create our entire Saturday night meal - goat milk marinated feta, organic steak, sweet corn, blackberry preserves, mini chocolate chess pies. I made some fresh bread for the preserves. The steak and the corn went on the grill. Our meal was fantastic! And I picked up some stone ground grits for later. Delicious!

After we had seen all there was to see at the MFM, we hopped on the trolley for a riverside loop trip. As you can see, we all love the trolley. It's one of our favorite things about Memphis. (You'll have to click on the slideshow to go to the album so you can see the video.)


The Barnett's said...

Looks like you guys had a great time...wish we had been around to drop in for dinner. haha

Michelle said...

That sounds delicious!