Saturday, December 17, 2011

This, too, shall pass

I wish I had a post filled with all the fun December happenings and projects and baking we've got going on. But life around here looks a lot more like this these days:

That's one very feverish little girl. Peter was only a little bit sniffly here. Helen was febrile for a full week. She got better and then Daddy was sick for a few days. I was hopeful that the rest of us had escaped, but Caroline is now running a fever. Peter and I are the only ones left. I'm waiting for the next victim.

I'm exhausted. I called a good friend whose children are mostly grown. I'm sometimes reluctant to reach out in need of advice, but I needed her shoulder and I really needed her perspective. She did not disappoint. She reminded me to look for tiny blessings, to make lemonade out of lemons, as she puts it. This a chance for pajama days and movies with popcorn, an excuse to decline social obligations and take care of all of us (myself included), an opportunity to really be with my littles and enjoy them. And perhaps, she told me, the real blessing from this will come several years from now, when my children are mostly grown and I get a phone call from a young mom in a similar situation and I am reminded of how precious and fleeting these long days are.

I am taking my friend's advice. I'm giving myself a big ol' serving of grace and freeing myself from the expectations I had for baking and crafting and running around and partying. And I'm thankful for so much. Caroline was perfectly healthy until the afternoon after her last day of school. She would have been devastated to miss any of her performances or parties. (I need to post about some of those things next - much more upbeat and fun.) Helen is back to her crazy self. Peter is so soft and snuggly and smiley. They are healthy, despite little fever viruses. The Christmas tree is decorated and Christmas TV shows abound. Christmas cards keep coming in the mail. I love Christmas card season. Helen calls says the nativity angels are fairies. I had the most wonderful conversation with Caroline this morning about Jesus's birth - the coming of our Redeemer.

I keep hearing my grandmother's voice telling me, "This, too, shall pass." And I know it will.


Michelle said...

Your friend's advice reminds me of something I once heard about being in the "blessed trenches" of motherhood:
"The days are long, but the years are short."

So true.

I hope you are all feeling well soon and have a peaceful, joyous Christmas!

Brittany said...

I am so sorry everyone has been sick. I know this is so hard. I too love the quote michelle posted. Some days are soooo long. Love you friend. Praying everyone is better soon.

Confessions said...

bless your bones. i feel your pain...we have bronchitis over here. and a fiesty newborn screamer. let's be weary together!! :)

Frances Breland said...

I'm so sorry your kids have all been sick. I know that must be exhausting, whatever the season. Gus is still sleeping but I think he's doing the "4 month growth spurt/formula isn't enough" routine this week. So all my last minute Christmas stuff is turning out to be a lot harder to do than I planned.

However, your friend is exactly right. I am imminently thankful that my papers and grades were all submitted before he turned into a clingy, fussy, must eat every 2 hours machine. I"m doing a lot of relinquishing my vision of what something will be like this year, so I'm just getting more practice. It's interesting that in the process I feel like I"m getting a clearer sense of what my idols are and how to let those go.