Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I love babies in daygowns - girls and boys. And I love making daygowns. I made this little daygown for Peter a couple of weeks ago. I know the daygown days are quickly coming to an end and I'm taking advantage of them as long as I can. I'm really, really grateful to my patient husband, who lets his son wear dresses. :-)

It's made from blue imperial broadcloth. The pattern has machine pintucks on each front panel. I embroidered tiny french knots between each set of tucks. I opted for a collarless style and used large pleats at the sleeve openings instead of gathers. This gives the "dress" a little more boyish look.

I'm finishing up one last daygown for Peter's first Christmas season. Then it's time to move on.


Good Golly Gertie said...

I love KGarrett! I think babies should look like babies and not little grown men! So, I"m all about these daygowns ! they are too cute!

Laura Sessions said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I love baby boys in daygowns too!

Casey Cockrum said...

i love YOUR baby boy in a daygown :)

Casey Cockrum said...

oh, and one more thing...not only do you make mashed potatoes from also make clothes?!?! wow.

The Wilhite Family said...

Who wants to unsnap snaps all day long?? Dresses are so much easier...I think Walker wore them until they were above his knees! I have some of my father's that he wore too and those were pink with belts at the waist - those WERE made for a toddler, but in time, they shrunk and then there's that issue of Walker being somewhat of a giant ;)

Frances Breland said...

Emily your sewing work is just beautiful. My mother used to make dresses for us when we were little with all kinds of smocking and pleat work on them.

I don't think about dressing Gus in day gowns but I'm sure it's incredibly convenient. Like some of the other posters I have certainly given up on the concept of the 'garments of 1000 snaps'. So we mostly dress Gus in zippered stuff now.

Have you thought about making pieces for sale? Not that you have time with 3 kids but I"m sure there's a market for it.