Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The "pink one" birthday

Several weeks before Helen's birthday I asked her what she would like for her birthday.

"A pink one," she said.
"A pink present? I think I can do that."

"No, Mommy! A PINK one!" she repeated. Obviously, I was missing something.

It took us several days and Daddy's interpretive ear to figure out that she was asking for a penguin. A big pink penguin, to be exact. I'm thankful she didn't expect a real penguin. I'm also thankful for Kevin's mad Google search skills. You can find anything on the internet, pink penguins included.

She saw a Rapunzel doll at Target like this one and started asking for it, too. Three times yesterday I saw her holding Rapunzel's hands, staring into her eyes and saying, "Rapunzel. I wuv you so much."

And a see saw! They have enjoyed this thing so much!

It was a really great third birthday celebration!

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Laura Sessions said...

I am wondering where the fascination with penguins is coming from! That is ALL Margaret wanted for Christmas. A pink one was a tall order though...way to find it Kevin!