Monday, March 12, 2012

Sixth birthday fun

We had originally planned to do a small birthday celebration with a few of Caroline's friends the weekend before her birthday. But she got sick and we had to postpone and rearrange. 

Last Friday was the start of spring break, so I took Caroline and Shelby to the Children's Museum. They had a great time. 

The dinosaur exhibit was so interesting to the girls. They spent a long time reading, exploring, doing puzzles, and making dinosaur art.

Here I am with my "can't-stand-the-stroller-must-be-snuggled" baby. I'm wondering why in the world I left the Moby at home.
Then we invited Maddie and Elizabeth for manicures and pedicures on Monday.
And no birthday celebration is complete without cupcakes!

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I am so thankful for these friends in Caroline's life. She is a lucky girl to be blessed with such sweet friendships at such an early age.

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Laura Sessions said...

What fun ideas for the birthday girl!